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Hario V60 + 250g Coffee

Hario V60 + 250g Coffee

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Brix V60 Brew Guide

The V60 coffee maker is the perfect start to your home coffee journey, and it’s one of our favourite pieces of kit. It’s clean, simple and makes a real good cup of coffee. Follow our step by step guide and video to learn everything you need to know.


  1. Boil your kettle, and leave for a minute to rest.
  2. Pop a filter in your V60 and rinse through with hot water. (Discard of the water in your cup before you brew your coffee).
  3. Add 1 scoop of your V60 ground Brix Coffee. Sit your V60 over your favourite cup.
  4. Pour in your hot water in a circular motion - just enough to cover your coffee grounds.
  5. Leave the hot water and coffee mix to ‘bloom’ for 30 seconds. This allows for any gasses to escape.
  6. For the next couple of minutes, keep topping up your water through the filter until you have a full cup of coffee.

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